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Discover The Lost Art of Natural Parenting

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In this eBook, you'll gain the knowledge and courage you need to embrace an authentic, respectful and empathetic approach to parenting. With evidence-based research, it focuses on getting back to biological basis with an emphasis on how to approach natural parenting in the modern worlds

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“I am so thankful to have a reliable, science-backed resource to recommend when on-lookers express judgment or concern for the way our family chooses to function.”


“(I love how Raised Good’s approach) speaks honestly and kindly to parents and balances the good & the bad.”


“You give practical advice, and a gentle approach which I can see a difference in my children when applying.”


“(I love) how real it is and how it resonates so much with me.”

Only $197 $147 USD 

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Attached Child:
01 Brain Development:

Wired for Attachment 

Neuroplasticity and Responsive Parenting 

Nurturing Neuroscience 

Infant Brain Development 

Brain Balance 

The Biological Need for Attachment

02 The Science of Attachment:

What is Attachment? 

Measuring Attachment 

Attachment as a Primary Need 

Modern Day Attachment Science 

The Four Attachment Styles (and Understanding Your Own) 

How Our Parenting Choices Impact Attachment

03 Parenting and Attachment:

Lifelong Impact of Secure Attachment 

Why Attachment Empowers Parents 

The Four Parenting Styles (and Discovering Yours) 

Attachment Parenting 

The Nature of Attachment

04 Becoming Attached:

Parenting for Attachment 

The Six Stages of Attachment 

The 5 Keys to Secure Attachment 

How to Show Up for your Children 

Bringing it All Together & Moving Forward

PLUS these amazing bonuses:

The Attached Child Workbook Companion

Mama Mantras for Hard Days 

 Mama Mantras for Being Present  

An Age by Age Breakdown for How to Foster Secure Attachment 

 Phrases Kids Need to Hear to Develop Secure Attachment

My Favourite IG Accounts to Follow for Attachment 

 Recommended Reading List 

 Printable Poem by Dr. Shefali Tsabary 

 Self-Regulation Techniques

and more...

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